Every business has their strengths and weaknesses, regardless of their size.

Here is a quick (and hopefully honest) comparison of the differences between small and big businesses.

Category Small Business Big Business
Attitude With a small business you aren't just a number. A small business often values every customer. For most big businesses, losing one customer is meaningless. You often find that out as soon as you have a real problem.
Flexibility A small business can often work with your specific needs. It isn't a one-size-fits-all situation. Big businesses often have set packages and standard procedures. Whoever you talk to has to "go by the book."
Values Small businesses are often very open about their values and who they support. You know where your money is going. It can be hard to know what a big business supports. The money you pay them could be supporting causes you disagree with.
Disasters When a disaster happens, small businesses can be unprepared.
Response A small business often has limited hours of operation and responses can get slower when they get busy. A big business sometimes has 24/7 hours and maintains the same responsiveness when they get busy.

Tips for working with a small business...